LODE is a project funded by the European Commission – DG ECHO – Directorate General for European Civil protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations under the Program: Union Civil Protection Mechanism Prevention and Preparedness Projects in Civil Protection and Marine Pollution 2018-2020.

LODE focuses on the collection, storage, organization of post-disaster damage and loss data to support a variety of applications, ranging from accounting to forensic analysis of disasters to enhancement of risk modelling capacity. This is done following the convincement that has been growing in the last years and in stressed in the Sendai Framework for Disater Risk Reduction (DRR) according to which post-disaster damage and loss data are an important component of knowledge and empirical evidence to support a number of national, European and international policies aimed at risk mitigation and climate change adaptation (CCA).

This action’s practical goal is to develop damage and loss data information systems for DRR and CCA to enhance our understanding of disaster impacts to multiple societal sectors at relevant spatial and temporal scales.

The LODE project builds on prior experience of all partners in collecting, organizing, and using disaster damage and loss data at different levels of government and on a prior project funded by DG ECHO (call 2014), IDEA – Improving Damage analysis to Enhance cost benefit Analysis. Ten partners are committed to the project from seven Countries, including France, Spain, Finland, Greece, Serbia, Portugal, and Italy and they represent both scientific research centres and universities as well as public administrations that are active in different fields of risk management and mitigation. This website is aimed at keeping you informed about the activities of the project and its results, hoping by doing so to involve you as a stakeholder in enhancing our capacity to learn from events and to enlarge the community of users of the tools we are producing.


LODE is creating a network of stakeholders to help us identifying  best  practice  examples  and  raise  awareness  of  relevant  policy  and  stakeholder organisations responsible for DRR and CCA about the need to better coordinate efforts to develop a multisector and comprehensive picture of damage due to natural hazards and to some effects of climate change. We will establish an expert network and collaborate closely with already existing ones. A three-tier strategy will be employed, having as the inner core layer the partners themselves who are responsible for some aspects of risk assessment and management, at the second level integrating actors of the showcases of this action, and at the third level stakeholders at regional, national, European (such as the DRMKC, DG ECHO and EEA) and international level (OECD and UN) that are promoters or hold relevant responsibility in DRR and CCA.

We are working closely with those stakeholders to explore existing challenges and gaps, to facilitate sharing experience across countries, as stakeholders will learn about good technical and procedural practices with respect to damage and loss data collection and analysis. Results of this activity will be synthetized in a report to be disseminated in a wider audience than the network directly participating to the project and will be made available in our website.

Showcases of damage and loss data management

The baseline of LODE is a set of ten showcases in all countries of the project’s partners where damage data collection, storage and analysis are carried out following the methodology and the approach that we are developing. In each case one or two types of applications will be carried out in order to show in practice the added value of enhanced damage and loss data and the utilities provided by the information system the we propose.