Purpose and added value of the workshop

The final workshop of the Lode project is meant to disseminate the results of the project that has been developed over the last 30 months. In particular the workshop is organized in three conceptual main sessions: the first is devoted to show the different uses of damage data in a number of sectors, ranging from residential, to business, critical infrastructures, and cultural heritage. The second session is devoted to illustrate and demonstrate the information system and its first test whilst the third is devoted to cross-sectoral applications meant to explore ways to make use of empirical damage and loss data to support machine learning and the evaluation of the performance of mitigation and risk reduction measures. As far as possible, each presentation offered by the Lode project will be followed by a comment and a reflection from a stakeholder, either a partner or a member of the network the Lode project has developed. The final objective being to understand what has been achieved insofar, what steps forward have been accomplished and how we should proceed from now on, what are the opportunities and the challenges ahead.

Added value for stakeholders
Stakeholders will have a key role in commenting what we have done and produced and will be also given the opportunity to share more broadly their thoughts in a highly dynamic dynamic and interactive blended workshop that foresees also some breakout sessions in the afternoon of the second day to collect impressions and opinions to guide us towards the end of the Lode project and next challenges ahead, as they are seen also by the stakeholders.