The information system under construction

LODE will develop a technological architecture based on an inclusive data model and a set of sources. An original framework for the identification and the design of information infrastructure components (e.g., data repositories, warehouses, interfaces, workflows, data access tools, etc.) will be proposed to integrate different damage data, collected and related to diverse sectors, temporal and spatial scales. The sources contain the real damage data (e.g., collected and/or accessed by stakeholders), while the data model provides an integrated representation of the key relationships among data to permit query the database to obtain the information necessary to carry out the different types of analyses described above. The data system will properly take into account spatial, spatial-related and not spatial components, to allow, when possible, to map the data. The proposed information system aims at rationalizing the stakeholder’s uses of loss and damage data in both initial collection phase and successive organisation and use phases. Given the complexity of such task, an iterative and incremental method of development of the information system will be adopted, using as a test bed the showcases of the action. Interaction and interoperability with the Risk Data Hub under development at the DRMKC at the JRC of the EU Commission will be constantly pursued.